About Emotions and Me

Emotions and Me supports the development of emotional awareness and empowers you with the tools to enhance your emotional intelligence.

We both come from different educational and emotional backgrounds, but we share a vision. We want to support people of all ages - men, women, children and seniors in engaging and enhancing their emotional awareness. In developing a healthy relationship with emotions, and becoming comfortable talking about their feelings.

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About Jackie and Kim

I’ve struggled with emotions and still have to work on my comfort with them on a daily basis. However, after spending more than 8 years taking classes with Empowerment Now! and exploring the importance of emotions and the role they play in our overall health, emotions have become one of my top priorities and passions. It’s been a very steep learning curve for me to identify, express and embrace my emotions. After doing this, what’s stood out to me the most is that we don’t teach emotional awareness in our society. Yes, emotions are talked about, but they are mostly considered uncomfortable and therefore ignored and stuffed. I did this a lot growing up as I wasn’t taught what to do with them and I didn’t have any tools. As a result, I developed a lot of health issues and even had a kidney removed in my early 20s. I wanted to change that with my son who was born in 2014. I wanted him to have a healthy relationship with emotions so I started empowering him with the words for emotions and tools to express them from a young age. As a result, he is a very emotionally expressive individual and has no problem telling you how he is feeling (which isn’t always comfortable!). I hope to support others in learning to do the same!

I met Jackie during classes at Empowerment Now! and I share a passionate perspective on the topic of emotions as well. It’s my belief that leveraging our emotions builds connections in relationships, and learning how to leverage our emotional resources in a healthy way builds healthier relationships with self and others. I’ve always been highly sensitive to my own emotional experiences, and to the experiences of others, and that often created a lot of internal chaos and discomfort for me. In putting my education into practice, I’ve been able to manage these experiences in a healthier, clearer way. Rather than closing up and keeping people at a bit of a distance, because emotions (my own and from others) felt overwhelming and too big at times, I am now able to enjoy life in a fuller, more connected and vulnerable way. I think understanding and connecting to emotions is the key to minimizing a lot of our own personal suffering and I’m very interested in supporting people in developing their bridge between emotional intelligence and awareness so they can live a fuller, more experienced life. I invite you to join in the journey!

So, how do we go from here? We have a few ideas. We are working on developing resources that will support emotional awareness and we will also be launching a campaign to normalize emotional conversations. Just like we are all comfortable talking about the weather, our dream is for emotional conversations to become just as comfortable and normal. How will we do this? By engaging people in emotional conversations, taking videos for you to watch and/or writing blog posts, and hosting workshops.

Being that we both have men in our lives that are important to us, we feel inspired to work with men and start the conversation around emotions in a safe and practical way. We’ve identified that the men in our life have struggled with their emotional connection and could use more support. Sadly, most men are not taught about emotions. They are taught emotions aren’t valuable, are a sign of weakness and usually end up shutting them down. We want to engage men in challenging this idea, and recognizing that emotional awareness and comfort is a road to empowerment. Afterall, engagement is more than just a ring!

Let us reassure you that these conversations can be simple, fun and supportive (and don’t always mean tears will be shed).

Now that’s you’ve made it to the end of our introduction (thank you by the way!), we are here and happy to answer any questions you might have. We love it when you reach out and look forward to connecting with you!

Jackie & Kim