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Emotional Empowerment Speaker Series
Oct. 3, 2019

Emotions and Me invites you to take part in our Emotional Empowerment Speaker Series. This is a series like none other. Emotions have become an uncomfortable topic and as a result we aren’t engaging in emotional conversations anymore or teaching emotional intelligence, and we want to change that.

We invite you to be a part of this ground-breaking series, to join us in breaking the silence of unwanted emotions and feelings, and leveraging this powerful resource.

Every evening will include a presentation, an opportunity to engage in open dialogue and discussion, and tools for enhancing emotional awareness.

The first of our series will take place on Thursday, October 3 and will be on the topic of Men and Emotions.

Men and emotions isn’t a topic that is discussed in society. We often see men as lacking emotions, emotional capacity and expression. But, this really isn't the case. Men and women have the same emotional capacity, they have just been trained differently. We want to change that and invite you to join us!

To enhance this conversation, Emotions and Me invited Brad Kauffman, Psychotherapist & Applied Psychology Expert, to be our first presenter. He sees manhood as an art form and an essential way of being. As such, he is committed to the ongoing progression and refinement of masculinity, illuminating a whole new standard for what manhood is, and can be!

Kim and Jackie from Emotions and Me are excited to facilitate this conversation on Men and Emotions. As part of the evening, we will also be providing an introduction to emotional awareness.

Date: Thursday, October 3
Time: 7 - 9 p.m.
Location: Creative Hive, 16819 - 111 Ave
Investment: $50
Ages 10+ of all genders are welcome to attend.

*Includes: presentation, materials, beverages and snacks

Tickets are available on Eventbrite or by emailing

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Emotional Awareness Level 1 Workshop

Mind, body and emotions all play an important role in cultivating a balanced life. Emotions are often neglected and we don't spend a lot of time supporting our emotions or learning about them. We want to change that and are offering an exciting workshop this fall to support you and your family in enhancing your Emotional Intelligence.

Join us for this 4-Part workshop series of self discovery and transformation.

During this workshop you will learn how:

  • To identify your unique emotional fingerprints

  • Express your emotions in a healthy way

  • Your emotions physically manifest in your body and impact your health

  • To logically understand your emotions

We will also empower you with tools for managing your emotions and support you in taking steps towards creating greater emotional health and balance!

This workshop is limited to 10 people and is open to individuals as well as parents and their children ages 10 and up. We look forward to working with you.

Purchase tickets on Eventbrite or by emailing

Oct. 22, Nov. 5, Nov. 26, Dec. 3
7-9 p.m.
The Creative Hive, 16819 - 111 Ave

Open to ages 10+
$250 per adult
$125 per student
$400 per family


Emotional Empowerment Speaker Series
Dec. 5, 2019

Details coming soon!