Emotional Conversations, Lectures & Workshops

We offer fun and interactive conversations about Emotions where we demystify the myths surrounding them and how to start engaging in #emotionalconversations.

These presentations can be tailored for corporate, support groups, personal growth work, community groups, sports teams, emergency responders, schools, healthcare, families and more! We will work with you to craft a conversation and information that will best support the needs of your group.

Public Speaking &

We are available for public speaking engagements and podcasts to present on the topic of emotions and how to start engaging in #emotionalconversations.

Our presentations and conversations are inspired by our desire to support people in getting to know their emotions and themselves more intimately. We want to do this by sharing our stories, experiences and information to help people enhance their emotional awareness and start engaging in emotional conversations. We leverage our own personal vulnerability to support and inspire others to learn to do the same.

Building Community

We are working towards building emotional support communities with the intent that it takes a village to support the growth of emotional awareness as well as the courage to do so. If you are interested in creating an emotional support community with likeminded individuals, we will work with you and mentor you towards creating a healthy, balanced, supportive community.