Brad Kauffman
B.A. Psych, M.A. Couns. Psych.
Psychotherapist & Applied Psychology Specialist

Emotions & Me provides a refreshed perspective on what it means to actually live in the fullness of our human experience. In a society that strives to silence unwanted emotions and feelings, Emotions & Me breaks the trend. Kim and Jackie draw on their own courage and personal experience to demonstrate the importance of living fully connected to our internal worlds within. Approaching their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions in unique ways, Kim and Jackie complement each other perfectly. This unique blend of perspectives offers highly relevant and essential learnings for all those fortunate enough to encounter and embrace what’s shared. I highly recommend engaging in this journey of self-discovery and transformation, as I know Kim and Jackie accept and invite you all along the way…

Chloe Skerlak
Fertility Awareness Educator

I’m so grateful to have had Kim and Jackie of Emotions and Me spend an evening in my living room to invite our community to a discussion about emotions. They came to present at my Living Room Lecture Series and created a safe, fun, and educational environment to explore emotions. The 2 hours we spent together was interactive and insightful! We easily could have kept the conversation going! Thank you so much Jackie and Kim!